3 Craft marketing tips to grow your Etsy shop

3 Craft Marketing Tips to Grow Your Etsy Shop


Hey friends! In this article, I'm going to cover three craft marketing tips that you have never heard before on how to grow your handmade business and take it to the next level. So without further ado, let's dive in. 😊


#1. Find What’s Working

Now, my first craft marketing tip is to take a look at your existing sales and what is already resonating with your customers. Then you can improve them with new products, new collections, new colors, new sizes!

Just switching it up just a little bit with what's already working can make a huge difference. This can be really impactful and is a really great way to get that low-hanging fruit that your customers are already looking for. Use what you already know is sellable and is working.

You can do this by looking at your keywords and things that are already getting your attention and sales. You then can update your old listings in addition to creating new products based on those keywords, so that way you can grow your shop even further.

This can help you create a clear strategy on what new products to make. It will help you see how to improve the existing products that you have to grow your business even more. 

#2. Offer Exclusive Coupons

My next tip is a tweak on an old classic. So often people create coupon codes, but they kind of just throw them out into the universe. They hope that people see them and get them, but don't have a clear strategy.

If you ever are experiencing a dip in your shop, or you would really like to grow it for a special occasion or to achieve a new monthly goal, you can create a coupon code with Etsy, but only put it out to your existing customers to bring them back to your shop again and again.

You can use an email newsletter or even Etsy Messenger, but offer an exclusive coupon code that can't be found anywhere else and then tell your customers that.

This will make them feel like VIPs. They'll feel more important. They'll feel more like you're building a community, which you are. Then there'll be a lot more likely to use that coupon code than feeling like it's just a cheap thing that you throw in every order. It feels a lot more exclusive and a lot more private, which in turn makes it even more valuable and more actionable.


#3 Plan In Advance

My third and final craft marketing tip for you today is to plan your year out in advance. So often Etsy sellers view their handmade businesses as a side hustle, and not as a real business. Real business owners get serious.

They might even have a team beneath them and put in lots of organizational time and strategizing. That is what's called an "editorial calendar." It’s a game plan or roadmap based on things like upcoming holidays, upcoming sales, and when new product launches are going to happen. That way you would have it all mapped out months and months in advance, so you always know what the next step is to grow your brand.

Often Etsy sellers have no such thing. So I created one for you, broke it into weekly action items, and send it out in bite-sized, easy-to-digest weekly text messages for free. 😊 Just text TIPS to (385) 233-3809 to receive a text from me every Monday morning with a craft marketing tip you can do this week to grow your craft biz.


I've researched every holiday when to start planning collections, and what to post on social media that week. This will help you know what to create for newsletters and everything in-between so that you'll have a clear roadmap and framework in growing your handmade business for the entire year. 

Overall, planning your growth strategy in advance is the biggest takeaway, but I'd love to hear yours! 

I really hope that this craft marketing article was impactful and was helpful to you. I hope you use these tips to give you a really clear strategy and some new ideas of how to grow your Etsy business. I cannot wait to see how your business grows. Please feel free to let me know what else you're struggling with, so that way I can create more resources and good things to help you reach all of your goals.

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